Vision of District 5 in 2016-2017: “Every Club A Quality Club”

Leadership is a thriving journey that we lift people up as we climb. In Toastmasters, we LEAD. We Learn, Engage, Advance, and Develop. District 5 Leadership team aims to develop a platform that enables YOU, members in District 5, to learn faster, to engage more, and apply the skills to advance in your personal and professional life.

Every club needs to be a “Quality Club” the best resource for this is the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). Clubs that achieve the goals of the DCP and continue to grow their membership are THRIVING clubs that offer their members a quality experience in the Toastmaster Educational Program.

Mission of District 5:

The District Mission set forth by Toastmasters International is “We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.” District 5 Leadership Team honors this mission not because TI says so. We honor this mission as it is the straight-forward way to realize our vision.

Our clubs are our day-to-day operational environment for the Toastmasters program that we experience. Therefore, club excellence is essential. The District Incentives, Distinguished Club Program, Club Officer Training, Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Leadership Breakfast, and District Conference are all geared towards providing your club the tools and resources to achieving excellence.

Would you like to be recognized at work for your achievement in Toastmasters? Would you like to help your families, friends, and colleagues to find their voice or become better communicators and Leaders? Join us to build new clubs! Brand awareness is the key to open the door to new possibilities.

District Success Plan

Educational awards are the metrics for member achievement. Distinguished Club Program provides the evaluation metrics for clubs w.r.t club mission. Distinguished District Program provides the metrics for districts w.r.t district mission. Therefore District 5 Leadership Team Goal is to be President Distinguished. To achieve so, District 5 aims to be Distinguished in April, Select Distinguished in May, and President Distinguished in June.

For District 5 to be President Distinguished, 3 requirements must be met at the the same time – Club Count, Membership Payments, and Distinguished Clubs

For most of the clubs in District 5, the top-priority is membership building. The District will support the clubs with

1) Training: Sharing resources and tools on membership building with clubs
2) Strategic analysis: Build the awareness about the advantage of membership building events in Jan/Feb – guests are more likely to commit, and more likely to renew
3) Incentives: The District incentives are geared towards encouraging membership building
4) Management: Sorting out why the renewals are turned in late in the first round, make a plan to avoid the same issue in the 2nd round.

As for building new clubs, the district encourage each Area Director to own the task to build one new club by providing a new club lead, a sponsor, and a mentor.

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