District Incentives

Complete 5 Challenges by 9/30, for 5 FREE admissions to the Fall Conference on 10/17.  Want more admissions?  Take a look at the bonus challenges!

(July 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015 ONLY)
1) Add 5 or more new members

Consider participating in the Smedley* Award which runs Aug 1 thru Sept 30th

* Club must add a minimum of 5 new, dual or reinstated members
2)  4 members of you club each complete one (1) of the following qualifying Projects ** 6,8,10 in the Competent Leadership Manual

Club VPE must submit details of the project completed – **qualifying projects are:

Project 6: Help organize one of the following: Club Speech Contest, Club Membership Campaign or Club Public Relations Campaign OR

Project 8: Membership Campaign Chair, Public Relations Campaign Chair, OR

Project 10: Membership Campaign Chair, Public Relations Campaign Chair, Club Speech Contest Chair

3)  5 members of your club volunteer to help at district events or earn an educational award

Volunteering at district events includes helping with the registration/set-up (schedule to arrive 30-60 minutes before the event start), serving as a trainer or facilitator at Club Officer Training sessions, give a presentation at TLI, help a new club, help a low member club, provide a new club lead etc…) – To find out if volunteers are still needed at particular events, for other volunteer opportunities or to find out if your project qualifies – Contact Joyce Persichilli at pqd2016@d5tm.org or Bob Dietrich at cgd2016@d5tm.org for more details.

District Events at a Glance

4)  Hold at least 1 membership building event with ***5 Guests

*** Guests must meet club membership eligibility requirement(s). The flyer for the event and a copy of the guest list (names and email addresses) must be submitted for verification.

5)  Sign-up as a ****Contest Chair for an area speech contest & attend Contest Chair/Judging Training  – and 4 club members volunteer for area/division contest roles (i.e. timer, ballot counter, judge, Toastmaster, SAA, registration chair, food chair, opportunity drawing chair, hospitality chair etc…). Name of contest chair must be submitted by Sept 30, 2015.

**** Contest Chair cannot be a current district officer/chair. Contest Chair must attend one of the scheduled Contest Chair/Judging Training on Sept 12, 2015 or Sept 26, 2015


Provide 1 qualified new club leads for each new lead (up to 3 leads) (a qualified lead is defined as a company that has about 500+ people – the lead must be interested in finding out more about Toastmasters, and have a contact name, phone, email address and name of organization/company). Submit to Bob Dietrich at cgd2016@d5tm.org or email for more details.

Clubs that achieve all FIVE challenges will receive 5 FREE Fall Conference Registrations ($325 value!!!). But don’t forget you can earn an extra Fall Conference Registration by also completing the Bonus Challenge. Deadline to submit all challenges your club complete is Oct 1, 2015.

For challenge #3) and #5), as long as your members sign-up and receive confirmation from any district officers, the challenge is considered complete.  If it turns out some members that sign-up for the volunteer roles are NOT able to complete the assignment due to last minute changes, we expect your club to help find substitutes.

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