Area Council

District Leadership Handbook

Area council members include the area director, assistant area director program quality, assistant area director club growth, area secretary, club presidents, club vice presidents education and club vice presidents membership. The area council manages area activities and supports each club in the area in fulfilling the club mission.

It is recommended for the Area Council to meet monthly – the format can be in person, conference call, email, discussion forum, etc.

See Policies and Protocol, Protocol 7.1: District Events, 7. Area Council Meetings.


Before an Area Director visit a club, the Area Director will

  1. Contact the club president, VPE and VPM to schedule a date and request time on the meeting agenda. Ask if club officers will be available immediately after the meeting for a brief discussion.
  2. Ask the club president if he or she has any concerns or has already identified challenges.
  3. Email the club president, VPE, and VPM
    • The meeting excellence award (formerly known as golden gavel award) criteria – To EARN this prestigious award upon your Area Director’s visit, a club meeting must meet ALL of the criteria
    • The Area Director Visit Report – The more information you can provide your Area Director to fulfill this report, the more efficient the after-meeting discussion will be.
    • Links to TI resources upon club’s request

One way to build rapport is by sharing your Toastmasters experience with each other.   It would help your Area Director to better serve your club if you can provide some information about the club history. The Area Director will also conduct research about the club base on information from TI and past District leaders.

  • Club Performance: TI DCP Dashboard (Change the year to track past performance)
  • Additional reports (educational awards, officer list submission, membership renewal submission, etc)

During the visit, the Area Director will share the following information with your members: the club missionthe Distinguished Club Program; and any upcoming training, District Events, or any other Toastmasters events your members are invited to attend.

You may request the Area Director to speak at special events, such as club officer installation.

The Area Director Visit Report

The Area Director will submit the report after the visit.  The club president will be emailed a copy of the report automatically after the Area Director submit the report.

The first three pages of the report is based on Moment of Truth.  The last page of the report is a simplified version of your Club Success Plan – a plan towards becoming a distinguished club.  If you are not familiar with the concepts, inform your Area Director to provide you more information.  The more information you can provide your Area Director about your club based the questions listed in the Area Director visit report, the better your Area Director can assist you.

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