Meeting Excellence Award

Meeting Excellence Award (Formerly known as Golden Gavel Meeting Award)

The best and simplest way to retain club members and recruit curious guests into enthusiastic members is with well-run, lively and educational meetings that meet the member’s needs. The Meeting Excellence Award is a symbol of Excellence in Club Meetings. This is a patch embroidered with a Gavel. Each club can earn a patch once every 6 months.  Need more information contact Joyce Persichilli at

To EARN this prestigious award upon your Area Director’s visit, a club meeting must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Members and guests are greeted warmly and enthusiastically.
  • Meeting starts adjourns on time.
  • 15 or more Toastmaster members are present (not limited to members of the hosting club).
  • At least one non-Toastmaster guest is present.
  • There is applause after every speaker, functionaries included.
  • All speeches are MANUAL speeches.
  • [New criteria as of 7/1/2014] 2 or more members bringing the CL manuals and get credit
  • Evaluations are both specific and supportive.
  • Participants are positively recognized and ribbons are awarded.
  • Printed agenda are distributed and followed, with three or less assignment changes to the agenda.
  • Table Topics are interesting and/or fun – most participants are able to speak the full time period.
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