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Are you considering a role as a club officer? Are you wondering why you need to attend training (especially if you’ve attended before)? Do you know what you’re going to gain from the experience as a club officer?

Even if any of you have been trained as an club officer before, you are not just showing up for a checklist. You are showing up as an elected representative of your club and you have an amazing opportunity to harness the transferable skills you can learn as a dedicated club officer.  Skills that will enable you to provide real-world solutions to real-life problems within Toastmasters and beyond.

President VP-Education VP-Membership VP-Public Relations
Team Building Leading Strategic Planning Conflict Resolution Project Management Meeting Facilitation Time Management Parliamentary Processes Consulting Coaching Networking Scheduling Conflict Resolution Negotiations Strategic Planning Time Management Recognition Incentives Event Planning Personnel Development Career Training Networking Personnel Orientation Personnel Development Career Planning Customer Service Public Relations Rewards / Incentives Marketing & Sales Consulting Seminar Development Networking Media Relations Rewards / Incentives Consulting Journalism Publications Advertising & Promotion Photography Graphic Design Seminar Development Networking
Treasurer Secretary Sgt-at-Arms Past President
Budget Preparation Revenue Tracking Revenue Forecasting Revenue Generation Money Management Policy Administration Purchasing Consulting Report Writing Policy Administration Purchasing Order Processing Historian / Librarian Research Document Control Event Coordination Inventory Management Master of Ceremonies Communication Skills Customer Service Negotiations Consulting Event Planning Team Building Strategic Guidance Consultation Training Coaching

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Useful resources for club officers:

Manage your club operation at your finger tips: Club Central Manual
Bank account and Tax: General Finance Documents

The Officers are like colors of the rainbow. By itself, a nice color…when joined together, create an enlightened experience. Their collective challenge is to make this club strong and dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to speak in an effective manner, listen with sensitivity and think creatively.


S@Arms = brown. The earth, the ground we walk on.

Sergeant at arms, fill in name.   You are responsible for setting the stage for the TM meetings. Your duties include securing a room for the meeting, maintaining club equipment, arranging the room before the meetings, and greeting members and guests.

Treasurer = white. Keeps us pure and honest.

Treasurer, fill in name.  Your primary job is to collect and send the semi-annual dues, work with the VP of Membership to follow up on members who do not pay dues, and keep good financial records for the club.

Secretary = Red. Keeps all of our documents alive and alerts us of any time sensitive needs.

Secretary, fill in name. You are responsible for maintaining an accurate club roster, mailing the club officer list to World Headquarters, and handling general club correspondence.

VP PR = Yellow. Showing fun, enthusiasm, and excitement for the club and new members.

VP of Public Relations, fill in name.  Your job is to promote the club to local media and potential guests, to welcome guests when they arrive, and to support other membership programs.

VP Membership = Green. As you look for new, freshness in members and opportunities.

VP of Membership, fill in name.  Your job is to conduct an ongoing membership program that will promote the membership goals of this club. You should follow up on guests and help retain current members.

VPE = Blue. As Blue is loyal to the Club, its members, and the President.

VP of Education, fill in name.  You are responsible for planning successful club meetings so that each member has the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals. You are the second-highest ranking club officer and will preside at club meetings in the absence of the President.

President = Purple. Representing royalty, elegance, and the face of the club.

Toastmaster fill in name, having been elected to the President of the fill in name of club Toastmasters Club, you are its chief executive officer and will be expected to preside at all Club meetings and at all meetings of your executive committee. It is your challenge to see that this club enables its members to achieve their educational goals. It is also your challenge to see that your club helps the area, division, district and Toastmasters International to meet their goals. Please accept the gavel as a symbol of your leadership and dedication to the office.

Will you, accept the above challenge and perform your duties to the best of your abilities?

(credit: Susan Felke, Area 16 Governor 2012-2013)

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