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The social media chair reports to the Public Relation Manager, and the Public Relation Manager reports to the District Director.

The social media chair will works closely with flyer design chair, photo chair and video chair.

The goal of everything we do as the district team is to fulfill the district mission – We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence. Therefore the purposes of all social media sites are to
1) Promote the TI educational program
2) Promote the district events, mainly: Club Officer Training, TLI, Award and Installation, Breakfast with Toastmasters, and District Conference
3) Engage current members
4) Attract new ones

As for the content – Share public speaking and leadership tips.  Include announcements, success stories and education award achievements. Follow @toastmasters and #toastmasters so you can leverage what’s already available.

Currently District 5 is using constant contact as the primary email channel.  In addition to the district website, District 5 is also on Meetup, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter @d5toastmasters and Instagram (d5tm).

The information of district events will come from District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, and of course the Public Relation Manager.

As the district lead by example, the clubs will follow.