Open House


  1. Attract new visitors
  • Advertise Toastmasters
  • Attract attention to your club
  • Spark interest with catchy speech topics and/or Open House theme
  1. Retain existing members
  • Break the routine
  • Learn from a field expert
  • Create a hook for people to get back into the club
  1. Learn and have fun
  • Learn from the speakers
  • Approach it as a team building/ event planning exercise
  • Have fun


Open House Checklist

Resources (Sample flyers, ideas, etc) Marketing Materials from TI SampleOpenHouseFlyerFromClubsInD5

  1. Get a buy-in from your club officers and assemble the event team (credits for various roles are available in the CL manual)
  • Brainstorm with the team
  • Delegate
  1. Decide to use club resources, or invite an outside speaker

Club resources

  • Conduct an exemplary meeting
  • Have members deliver speeches on “What Toastmasters means to me”

Outside speaker – how to find one

  • Pay attention at various TM events
  • Approach outside motivational or educational speakers

Plan the open house

“When” factors


Market the open house

  • Create a marketing plan
  • Use fliers, social media, word of mouth (important to get all members involved in advertising of the event)
  • Invite previous guests (use your guest book for their info)
  • Contact members who have been absent for a while (personal emails/phone calls work the best)

Guest Materials

  • Guest book or list (to collect contact info for follow ups)
  • Name Tags for members and guests
  • Membership application and/or new member packets

Key Roles

  • Facilitator for the guest speaker
  • Toastmaster
  • Greeter

Food & Drink

  • Bottled water
  • Snacks & Drinks, or go out afterwards

Other Ideas

  • Be creative
  • Visit other open houses for more ideas(see D5 Calendar for current events)
  1. Follow up
  • Plan two to three solid meetings to follow the open house
  • Send a Thank You email to your guests and an invitation to visit/join your club

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment”

Ralph Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters International

Don’t forget to have fun from the beginning to end!!!

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