Club Coach Program

TI FAQ on Club Coach Program

When your club is of less than 12 members, your club is eligible to request for a club coach.  Can a club coach really help your club?

Yes, a club coach can help your club when your club members are willing and ready to COMMIT too.


Contact the Club Growth Director to request a club coach.  Please provide the following information along with your request for us to better assist you.

While the district would love to send club coaches to every struggling clubs, it is a VOLUNTEERING position, and we are short of volunteers for club coaches.  We appreciate your patience, and we strongly encourage the members of your club to bring in guests, give manual speeches, and do everything else possible to re-build membership.  Through consistent effort in membership building, your club will end the year as a Distinguished Club even without a club coach.

Club Coach Resources

Resources from the other Districts

Volunteer as a Club Coach!

Would you like to help a struggling club get back on the right track?  Volunteer as a Club Coach!  We’ll provide you with the tools, you’ll help others to benefit from Toastmasters, and you’ll earn credit towards the Advanced Leader Silver award (which you’ll need for your DTM).

Not close to earned your DTM?  No problem!  You can “pocket” the credit and apply it when you’re ready.

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TI FAQ on Club Coach Program

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