Chartering a new club is exciting.  There are various kinds of clubs, but the general principle of chartering is the same.  Below are the milestones in this process.  Take one step at a time, that’s how we finish any great journey!

Division New Clubs Chair Training

Milestone 1: Initial Contact

Contact the lead to schedule a launch meeting

– This is the most critical milestone for us. Currently as long as we can have the launch meeting scheduled as planned (i.e. with 30+ attendants), our launch successful rate is 100%.

Before the contact: if it’s a company or an organization, look them up on the LinkedIn.  Gather as much information as you can to be prepared.  Be prepared to answer questions as well – you may start with

Be on-time.  It’s highly recommend that you have a partner to attend this appointment together – if anything last minute comes up, at least one of you can still attend the appointment.

At the appointment, you have 3 tasks:

  1. Collect Information: Find out who they are, why they want to have a Toastmasters club, when they plan to have the meetings (It’s common that they don’t have all the answers.  You can follow up again on the next appointment.  The information is important, as we will use this to look for sponsors and mentors accordingly.)
  2. Explain that we’d like them to gather 30+ attendants for a launch meeting (Schedule this as soon as possible.)
  3. Provide resources to help them with the PR:  Share with them common practices of how to effectively gather people for a launch meeting, for example, “Lunch and Learn.”)

Sample Cold Calling Script

Sample Follow Up Email

Tip: If finance is not an issue (for most companies it’s not an issue), recommend them to submit $135 charter payment to get the charter club kit from TI to begin with.

Milestone 2: Launch Meeting

Help the Prospective Club to stand on its own feet in 4-6 meetings with a 4-6 people team.

Every district is working on how to shorten this process.  In District 5, the procedure described below is proven to be the most effective.  Our goals are

  1. Establish the mentor system for the prospective members to understand the meeting roles
  2. Identify the talents to take on the club officer roles
  3. Gather 20+ charter member applications (to launch the club) – Note that the charter member application is different from regular member application.  Make sure the correct form is used.  Make sure the members signed on the back of the application.
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Toastmaster TM TM TM new * new new
Table Topics Master TM new * new * new new new
General Evaluator TM TM new * new
Speech Evaluator TM – 1 TM – 3 TM – 3 new – 3 new – 3 new – 3
Timer new * new new new new new
Ah Counter new * new new new new new
Grammarian new * new new new new new
Speaker (Ice Breaker) TM – 1 new – 3 * new – 3 new – 3 new – 3 new – 3

TM – the role will be served by Toastmasters Members.

new * – the role will be served by prospective members, mentored by Toastmasters Members

new – the role will be served by prospective members, mentored by the prospective members who have served this role before.

The first meeting is shorter with only 1 speech, such that we can include an FAQ session. Sample Slides for FAQ Session: A check list for what to cover in the Launch Meeting – How Toastmasters Can Help

Sponsor check list prior to the Launch meeting

Sample Agenda Agenda Week 1 Agenda Week 2-6

Sample Table Topics Question tm–365-sample-table-topics-questions 101-ideas-for-great-table-topics

Functionary Sheets 1167F Ice Breaker Meeting sign-in

Toastmasters Wears Many Hats

new club mentor check list  Mentors will stay with the clubs for 6 months after the club is chartered.  Please help the club officers to prepare for transitioning their duty to the incoming club officers too.  (What does the transition consist of?)  If anything is missing, please help the club establish that accordingly and share the information with the Area Director.

Milestone 3: New Club Application

There are 6 forms (link).  Form 1 can be submitted independently, and upon successful submission, the club will be assigned a club number and show up on the dashboard:  Mostly TI would update the information within 2 business days.  If it’s NOT showing after 2 days, please follow up with TI ( or by phone – 949-858-8255).

Form 2-6 have to be submitted in one package.  The status will be updated at the above link as well.  It would show as

#1 Application to Organize – _status_  _date_
#2 Certificate & Remit _status_  _date_
#3 Roster _status_  _date_
#4 Officer Info _status_  _date_
#5 Club Info _status_  _date_
#6 Constitution & Bylaws _status_  _date_
Payment: _status_  _date_

_status_ can be “RECEIVED” or “INCOMPLETE”.  If it shows “incomplete”, please follow up with TI to find out why ASAP.  The dates of the above 6 form can be different.  The charter date will be the latest date of all.  The club will show in the district dashboard in 5 business days.  If it’s not showing in 5 business days, please follow up with TI to find out why ASAP.

In most of the cases, 17 or more prospective members for the club have to be new or reinstated members.  Discuss with your district officers if you have any questions or concerns.

Essential materials to be provided to the club

Milestone 4: Chartering Ceremony

The ceremony is about the club.  In District 5, the District Director will discuss with the club to render the best agenda for the club.

The District will order a club banner for the new club (it takes about 6-8 weeks).  Mostly the ceremony is scheduled after the banner is done.

In District 5, it’s a tradition that one of the top 3 district officers (District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director) will attend and lead the chartering ceremony.  In the rare occasion that none of the three can attend, the Division Director will be responsible to lead the ceremony.

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