Toastmasters Club Chartering ceremony is an important milestone for a newly formed club.  It’s special as the first club officers are installed and charter members are inducted.

One complimentary set of charter member certificates is mailed shortly after each new club is chartered. In most circumstances they are mailed to the District Director.  In District 5, the District Director will also order a customized banner for your club (it takes 4-8 weeks for the banner to arrive).  Upon receiving both the banner and the certificates, the District Director will contact the club President to schedule a charter ceremony.

Certificate reads, “Toastmasters International certifies _____________ as a Charter Member of an officially chartered Toastmasters club with privileges and responsibilities of active membership.” Certificate is signed by the Executive Director.  Customization is for the member name only.

For more information: Contact District Director May-chen Martin-Kuo

Whom to Invite?

You can count on this ceremony being a good show, so consider inviting the following people for your toastmasters club chartering ceremony meeting to help your club grow:

  1. Friends and Colleagues (The potential new members!)
  2. Management Representatives from your corporate(s) (especially for a corporate club)
  3. Toastmasters Representatives
  • District Officers
  • Club officers from other clubs in your Area/Division (Contact your area directors for their contact information)
  • Club sponsors and mentors

Why make it a ceremony?

The ‘Charter Presentation’ is a procedural step in a life a new club. The ‘Charter Ceremony’ is a milestone event in the formation and life of a new club – a special occasion; an event of great significance; a party of fun and celebrations; and event that every charter member will remember and cherish. The charter ceremony event is a new beginning not only for the club’s charter members, but an event for all members in the district and especially the members of the neighboring Toastmasters clubs in the area/division, to come together and support this new beginning.

A Charter Ceremony event therefore provides an opportunity to celebrate and an excellent opportunity to publicize Toastmasters, recognize individuals – both from the community and within Toastmasters and support the ongoing aspect of building new clubs.

Sample Agenda

Here is a sample agenda, but please feel free to come up with the agenda that works the best for your club members.
  • Opening of the meeting & Introduction of the Toastmaster – Sergeant At Arms – 2 minutes (Reads the club mission)
  • Setting the context of the chartering meeting – Toastmaster – 2 minutes
  • Speeches by Dignitaries from the Corporate (for a corporate club) – (2 minutes x two dignitaries)  – 4 minutes
  • Speeches by Dignitaries from Toastmasters International (2 minutes x two dignitaries) – 4 minutes (Tips: You can Email your district director for information on the dignitaries.)
  • Induct Charter Members – Toastmasters International Dignitaries (30 seconds x 20 members) – 10 minutes
  • Installation of club officers – Toastmasters International Dignitaries – 10 minutes
  • Present the Club Charter and Club banner to the club President
  • Club President delivers the acceptance speech (3 minutes)
    • Acceptance speech typically has the President’s plan for the club, at a high level for the next 6 months. You can look at the Sample Presidential Acceptance Speech
    • Recognizes the Sponsors/Mentors of the club
  • Toastmaster of the Day runs through a simpler version of a regular meeting –
    • Have 1-2 prepared speeches
    • Have 2-3 table topics
  • President adjourns the meeting (2 mins)
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