Ready to Take Your Leadership Skills to the next level

Consider running for an elected District Officer role–or if you’d would like to nominate someone you think who’d make an excellent District Officer.

Please submit your nomination form (And Yes, you can nominate yourself.)

We are looking for next year’s leaders. The elected positions are:
Division Director C, E, I, N, S, W
Club Growth Director
Program Quality Director
District Director

Nominations for elected positions are due by 11:59 pm, February 1, 2018.
Requirements for the positions are included below. Submit the District
Leadership Nominating Form to Mark Raushenbach, District Director to
be considered by the District Leadership Committee. Interviews will be scheduled in mid-February.

Excellent leadership development opportunities available. Ready to
take on a challenging and rewarding leadership role? Serving as an
Area Director or any of the other appointed roles will provide you
hands on training that you can use in the real world. Area Directors
are appointed positions, just as following positions. The appointment
will be made by the incoming District Director.

Area Director
Administration Manager
Finance Manager
Public Relations Manager

Be sure to contact Mark if you are interested in any of these positions.  The list of the candidates will be submitted to the incoming District Director.

Still on the Fence? Why not jump over and take your Leadership to the next level. You’ll be glad you did.

District Leadership Committee Resources

(Area Directors in District 5 are appointed positions, therefore we will continue to accept nomination till June 1st, 2018. The appointment will be made by the elected District Director 2018-2019.)

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