Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI): $20 until Jan 8th, $30 afterwards

What is TLI?

TLI stands for Toastmasters Leadership Institute.  It is a format that Toastmasters International allows the districts to use for Club Officer Training (COT) purpose (TI reference) and provide valuable courses to all members at the same time.  As it takes a lot more preparation than normal COT sessions, most districts only conduct one TLI every 6 months, one in June or July, the other in January.  The winter TLI at District 5 will be held on Jan 10, 2015.

In the TLI format, training programs are conducted concurrently as courses. In addition to the nine programs provided by World Headquarters, it is recommended to include more course on contests,  judging and  leadership. The course schedule and content must guarantee that each club officer has the opportunity to get the training necessary for success in his or her specific role.

TLIs provide value to all members, regardless you are a club officer or not.

1. The schedule and courses offered make it flexible for club officers.

2. Club officers can choose their electives, so they can attend sessions that are of special interest to them.

While TLI is a lot longer than normal COT sessions, breakfast and lunch are provided.  District 5, like all other districts, charge a fee for TLI to cover the expense of the food, the venue, the printing, and all admistrative expenses.

1/10/2015 (Sat) 8AM – 2PM flyer

SDCOE –  6401 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA 92111

Please RSVP at

Early price $15 applies until Saturday December 20, 2014, $20 till January 8, 2015, $30 afterwards.

Wanna take a more active role at TLI by serving as a room facilitator?  Please contact TLI facilitor chair – Robert Trice at

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Schedule for Jan 10, 2015

Room # 401 402 301 304 305 307
7:30 Sign-in and Breakfast
8:00 Opening
8:10 Keynote: The Attitude Check
Heath Suddleson
9:15 Toastmastering with Kindness Enhancing Evaluations Contest Training How to Train Club Officers Open House How to Coach a Club
Jim Tucker Heath Suddleson Maria Charles + Bob Dietrich Eileen Hope Anya Singleton Susan Waynelovich
10:20 Building on Achievement for Continued Success Understanding the Humorous Speech Judge Training Extemporaneous Speaking seminar Social Media Premier for Non-Geeks Go Beyond the CC
Jim McLaughlin Mark Whitney Wayne Holley Jason Jordan Kevin Ball Richard Dial
11:25 Contest Tips for International Speech Contestants District Leadership Information Session Chief Judge Training DISC Personality & Healthy Team COT: VPPR Contest Training (Repeat)
Jim Tucker Ken Garber Wayne Holley Laura Akers Rick Lakin Maria Charles + Bob Dietrich
12:15 Lunch
12:45 Table Topics – Think on Your Feet? Lead the Club to Success COT: VPE COT: Treasurer COT: VPM Judge Training
Veronica Haynes Brad Heavey  Chris Hammel  Christoph Kubtza Maria Charles Wayne Holley
13:50 The Toastmaster Journey Advanced COT: all positions COT: SAA COT: President COT: Secretary Chief Judge Training
Norm Nomura Bob Dietrich  Eric Linder  Brian Austin  Jim McLaughlin Wayne Holley
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